Wyatt Weems on LORD TOPH Art

Wyatt Weems on LORD TOPH Art

In this brief visual arts presentation, Wyatt Weems (the late brother of artist, composer & author LORD TOPH) shares his insight and perspective on observing the growth and progression of
LORD TOPH's visual works over a span of decades.
As Wyatt colorfully expresses his story, we get to view an expansive display of the artist's works rendered in various styles.
Strongly executed works ranging from impressionism to abstraction, to even more traditional styles are shown as Wyatt proudly reflects on his experience of watching his younger brother create.
For the art appreciators and enthusiasts, this reserved raw footage of Wyatt Weems gives us an upclose and personal perspective of what it means to witness an artist's process and path as he makes his ever-going journey through the gapes of creativity.

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