SnowFlake Black - "I Can't Stop Loving You" (Photo Video)

I Can't Stop Loving You.

Hip-Hop artist, SnowFlake Black recreates the swag of classic Hip-Hop and R&B with his latest release, "I Can't Stop Loving You."  

The song was originally recorded for the unreleased EP, "The 8-Trax," and eventually released on "The Master Plan EP."  

"I Can't Stop Loving You" has been remastered and re-released, hitting listeners with the inescapable itch of "LOVE at first sight." 


I Can’t Stop Loving You

SnowFlake Black & LORD TOPH


Lyrics – Ross Allen Weems

Additional Lyrics (Chorus) – Lord Toph

(Verse 1)

I love you baby

The feeling you give me 

It’s like you’re dressed in mistletoe from head to toe

Close your eyes and give a kiss 

Let’s reminisce like Pete Rock and CL

Hitting me like I’m “LL” – tell you “I Need Love”

What’s a young man to do in this cold world without a woman that’s as hot as you

And you know it too 

Just with the kiss that you gave me the first one you layed on me –

Created my day  

What’d I say?  -- made my day  

My fault -- but I kind of like how you can catch me off

In every sense of the word you’re so soft 

You knocked me off the top of this third rock

And believe me – that takes a lot

And with you I’m just living – saying I’m privileged with your time

Such a time I’m in spending it just gushing

Aw baby quit all the fussing 

You know I’m kidding cause I’m only smitten with you



Oh now baby 

I can’t stop loving you girl

I can’t stop loving you baby

I can’t stop -- I can’t stop -- I can’t stop


Verse 2

Alright -- what’s this in my stomach? 

Butterflies – stop me in my tracks when you walk by

Yes you make me feel the need to sing

Now the clear difference about you is 

That you real from the other women

C’mon tell me how you feel 

What you mad at me?  

I ain’t got to ask 

I can tell by the sunlight that your glasses have 

Like a story baby I can tell - - and tell it well 

Belly aching bout the time I spend away -- hell

C’mon what’s a man to do?  

Let me be through being an artist quit 

Stick with you

What you don’t like that too? 


How about I lean like some syrup

Start kissing your ear until you cheer up  

There’s the laugh I like 

The smile I miss 

Brighter than the glare in your glasses when you pissed

Glorious is our connection like a magnet polar opposites 

Attracting in kinetic fashion

So when you fretting about the gap between us girl 

Stop asking

When together I’m thinking about your gap with a passion




(Verse 3)

Alright -- all jokes aside  

Why I want you by my side’s beyond any reason that any guy tries to say to a girl that loves

A dozen things can rush to my mind in an instant

It’s a given that I now live to 

Die for you if I need  

In a second you supply me with the type of life I can’t deny

I’m going off a feeling 

Addicting (I’ Cant) hold it (I Can’t Stop) needing to show it

Suppose I told you that you help me know myself

Forever I am indebted for that

No wealth can amount to you  

No mountain’s to high to be above you in my eyes

No surprise you defined like the horizon line 

Earth meets the sky

Heaven sent you on the fly just to test me in the flesh – how divine

So you know how hard it is for me and how I covet you

To cut it short – I can’t stop loving you




Monté CrisToph Music © 2012 - 2016 All Rights Reserved


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    September 09, 2016