"Overbearing Presence" (Expressions of Empathy Vol. III: Human Nature vs. Nature of the Human)

Overbearing Presence

From LORD TOPH's Expressions of Empathy Vol. III: Human Nature vs. Nature of the Human

An extreme play on words is used from title to subject of this piece.  A polar bear is used to signify the polar circumstance of the goings on in this composition.  While completely out of his element, the huge bear remains confident while blowing smoke, with a rather imposing absolute assurance.

The bold colored tie, big cigar, and flashy wristwatch are but a few accessories which define the subject's character.  Heavier strokes are used on the bear to accentuate his sense of dominance. Although a thick application of paint is used in the background, the humans remain less significant in defining the theme of this work.

Posted by Phil Howard


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Comments (2)

  1. redanial

    Nature of the humans in favor of the sympathy is always observed and invited. It is the mostly liked and appreciated it is said that human mind and thinking this is essays hell is bent towards the sympathy and pity. It is the integral future of the human make over.

    May 31, 2016
    1. montecristoph

      Thanx for the positive feedback! More work by LORD TOPH & his theories on Empathicism this fall!

      July 01, 2016