LORD TOPH - You in My Life (Official Video)

You In My Life



As I reflect on yesterday There was so much that I had to say But it doesn’t seem to matter much no more In this new world so much has changed Love’s seen in such a different way So many have forgotten what it’s for I was painting pictures on the walls With George and Ringo John and Paul Feeling lost and oh so small Things quickly changed when you came in my life And I’m so grateful that I have you Here with me In my life With the heavy bags I’ve carried walkin’ Steady down the street and going A mile – a distance With worn out shoes on my feet I’ve always known or at least imagined There had to be a great big purpose That I’ve been planning for So many people call it destiny I’ve been idle in my own four walls But now there are rooms and great big halls And you came in and changed it all And things are so much brighter now And I’d like to thank you kindly I’ll forever be reminded That it’s so much better with you in my life


Monté CrisToph Music  © 2015  All Rights Reserved

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