LORD TOPH - "Velvet Sleep" (Official Video)

Velvet Sleep

(Tribute to John Lennon)



Just as the sun

Lay down to sleep

I watch you rest

Among a field of green

So tuned in time

With all the world around

I'm fixed in your dreams

And without a sound

This moment stood

Where we wished to be

Look at us now

In this velvet sleep

The days have passed

And brought our season's change

Our Spring brought us fall

Yet we feel the same

There hues and shades of so many kinds

But only one 

Blooms of yours and mine

This moment stood

Where we'll always be

Infinite is love

In this velvet sleep


"Velvet Sleep" - Included on LORD TOPH's 

"Remakes & Tributes" Collection

Monté CrisToph Music © 2016 All Rights Reserved

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Comments (1)

  1. declaneveringham

    This is an amazing poem on the topic of sleep. When the sun is dawn most of the people want to sleep, but as per bestessay ca writing services the velvet sleep is a special gift for someone. In this modern world everyone is very busy and have no time for rest.

    August 28, 2016