LORD TOPH - "There Beside You" ft. SnowFlake Black (Official Video)

The classic era of contemporary mainstream music was reigned by the undisputed King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Artist/producer, LORD TOPH teams up with Monté CrisToph Music artist, SnowFlake Black to pay homage to the King of Pop on the single, "There Beside You." 

The track is intended to be a tribute to the man himself, and to simply pay respect to how much Jackson has influenced and inspired so many composers, performers, and fans alike. 


A Special Thanks to MC artist, Kyle Whitney & Nikki Lovett


There Beside You


(Rap by SnowFlake Black)


I've got no money I've got no job

My nine to five was big rob

When all that I could do

Was to work and not see you

And what has really got me crazy

Is this anticipation

All that I wanna do

Is to be there beside you

(I wanna be there beside you)

I follow my intuition in every situation

Why do I get so nervous

(And start hesitating)

Just to be by you

Just to be beside you

When there's no one quite like you

I need to be there 

There -- there

I need to be beside you


(SnowFlake Black -- Rap)

I know it sounds like I’m Clark Kent working for the Daily Planet

Cause you make my world turn round baby  

I need you like I need my belt boots and cape 

Just to help boost and place myself next to you at the waist  

Not the wayside  

I know the difference between em cause one says bye and the other’s fly

Fly like Dope I mean  

Not like dopamine 

Hell my nervous system’s been high on these butterflies

But really, how many ways can I say every day I just want to run 

So that I can be by you  

So just see with your third eye   

I wrap my heart for you like a gift from the Magi


(Girl I need to be there)


(SnowFlake Black -- Rap)

Cause baby you

You bring it out of me like an exorcism 

Having Linda Blair flaring down the stairs to her wing-back chair

I belt I love you like my name is Paul Revere steer a steed through the night riding yelling in the air

Compelling to tell you with gestures 

Got my tongue arrested 

Guess I’m at a loss for words

Its “U” and “I” in this verse


Loving you is like

Listening to thunder

On a rainy night when all is right

We're under the covers


Us -- It's just us two

(Loving you there -- there -- there)

I wanna love love love you there


No other place I'mma be when I’m seeing me beside you

Ain’t no such thing as a blasé day when I’m next to you

Beside you

There ain't no other place I wanna be


(Girl I wanna be beside)

I wanna be beside

I need to be beside

I wanna be beside you


Monté CrisToph Music © 2011 All Rights Reserved

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