LORD TOPH Said & Done (Official Video)

Said and Done



It seems it’s always me that ends up

Giving up

Something very precious against my own sheer will

But the butterflies are beautiful

So maybe there’s a perfect way

To recapture what we did and said

Back when everything was great

Just like rainy days


The window pane is cold and fogging up

And the draft is creeping through the window sill

I might pull out a pen and write

A letter to send you tonight

But should I stop and ask myself

Could you think to love me still

When everything is said and done

Leave me to be the stupid one

Cause I know I always will


When the world’s against you

And the walls are see through

And no matter what you say or do

No one seems to believe in you

Just know that I’ll be there

No matter when or where

I’ll be sure to come

When all is said and done

You’ll always be the one


I have this little scene inside my head

Where I’m waking in the morning in my bed

And I’m somewhere

That’s altogether different

So much different from the rest

I never would suspect

That you would think the world of me

And you and I would both agree

And we’d be at over best


In some place

In some time

There’s a space

Where love is blind

When all is said and done

Purity will come

Together we’ll be one

All our fears will dissipate 

And the questions will meet answers

When all is said and done



Monté CrisToph Music © 2015 All Rights Reserved


LORD TOPH – Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Keyboards, & Guitar

Tony Mazza – Guitar

Curry Neil – Bass 

Bo “Ceefus” Green - Drums


A very special thanks to...

Girl in Video - Samantha 

Dog - "Baby"

Michael The Editor

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