LORD TOPH - "I'll Be Right Here" ft. SnowFlake Black (Official Video)

In the vein of a classic era of R&B and soul, LORD TOPH and Monté CrisToph Music artist, SnowFlake Black team up for this nostalgic sounding track.


I’ll Be Right Here



Lewis Otis - “Flake I wanna take this back a little farther…”

SnowFlake Black - “Ahiight”

Lewis Otis - “Let’s take it back to… say, 1974.”

SnowFlake Black - “No doubt!”

Lewis Otis - “I wanna talk about…”

SnowFlake Black - “C’mon Lewis, what’s up?”

Lewis Otis - “What it’s like when a man needs a woman!”  

SnowFlake Black - (Laughs)

Lewis Otis – “Yeah, you know what that’s like, Flake”

SnowFlake Black – “Yeah, I can think of one”

Lewis Otis – “Lemme go on and sing this, it’s like this…”


Lewis Otis 

Once upon a time

You were here with me

Now I’m all alone

Waiting for you

There were rainbows

There were waterfalls

There was you and me


Then you left me 

All alone

In my heart I’m still here

Waiting for you

I want you to know

I’ll be right here

I’ll be right here -- baby



SnowFlake Black – “Yeah, I see what you mean”

Lewis Otis – “Now that I’ve sketched it out, Flake… You go on and paint the picture for the rest of ‘em”

SnowFlake Black – “With pleasure”

Lewis Otis – “Go on, boy… Do y’ thang”

SnowFlake Black – Yeah, give it to me

Lewis Otis – Ahright… one two three


SnowFlake Black (Rap)

This is where I let my guard down

It’s hard now trying to keep all my scars from being found

Seeing’s believing in my heart I am renowned

Like the Pride of Lowell fool, I stay up off the ground

You can’t to me be the she that tries to think of every little thing to do to smooth the mood over

Even when you leave there’s no moving or excusing me 

I think I’m right in the place where I need to be

Never heading out like a baby never born baby

‘Cause if I do, then I’m afraid that Ima miss a peace of you

This void left by your essence – my expression is reserved

Never second guess it girl – I’m right here


Point blank is I love you

It’s difficult to know the fact that you don’t have to love me back

Fight the gears of time

Waiting for the hands to swing

But time’s a relative – I can’t relate

So what to do but prove to the world that

Even if we twirl backwards -- Still going towards it

And no matter what – oceans and tides

Reside till the end time

You can bet your ass 

You can find me right here


Lewis Otis 

Whenever you’re scared

Whenever you fear

Wherever you go little girl 

I’ll be right here 

I’m goan be right here

I’ll be right here

Hey babe

I’ll be right here

Hey babe


(Adlibs to fade)


Monté CrisToph Music © 2011 All Rights Reserved

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