Curator of World Wide Art Endorses LORD TOPH's Art Style: "Empathicism"


"As a deeply involved, and reputably well-respected individual in the world of fine art, I am

expressively proud to endorse the development and introduction of Lord Toph’s new fine art

style, 'Empathicism.'

Lord Toph has obtained a realm of originality through the sheer vast diversity of his work, unseen

in most aspects of his expected field and genre. He has created and developed the art style,

Empathicism; a visceral artistic interpretation of human emotion using subject and execution

as visual conduits to connect empathically with the viewer. 

In addition, Lord Toph, as well as his newly developed style (Empathicism) is mentioned and

recognized in the 2014 publication of International Contemporary Masters, Volume VIII

(published by my company, Worldwide Art Books).

I humbly hope Empathicism continues to develop not only as a style, but as a fine art

movement. This begins firstly with our support, and your returned enthusiasm in the opportunity

to support and further the endeavors of an exceptional artist, and a unique new style."


Best Regards,

Despina Tunberg – Curator – Director and Hostess of World Wide Art Los Angeles

World Wide Art

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Comments (3)

  1. thild1934

    Tough and respective elements of the life of the common and educated are discussed and is the applied and theme of the times and for the hard and such conditions. It is the performed and invited tinge of the elevation and all considerations.

    May 09, 2016
    1. montecristoph

      Thanx for the positive feedback!

      July 01, 2016