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Author, LORD TOPH comes out of his creative shell to speak a bit about his latest book, "The Girl Who Could Not Sneeze." "The Girl Who Could Not Sneeze" is one of several children's books written and illustratrated by LORD TOPH. Way away on a quaint island, in the quiet village of Kimp Pu, a young girl named Icha, turns her affliction of not being able to sneeze into an interestingly experimental discovery for her friends, her Aunt Jin, and even herself. In a recent interview with, much insight is given about this wonderfully heart-warming tale.



"The Girl Who Could Not Sneeze" 

Approx. 132 pages (with illustrations)
Author - LORD TOPH
Publisher - StarField Stories



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  1. chawals_a

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    May 10, 2016
    1. montecristoph

      Thanx for the positive feedback! More work by LORD TOPH & his theories on Empathicism this fall!

      July 01, 2016
    2. montecristoph

      Thanx for the positive feedback!

      July 01, 2016