"Among Friends" (Expressions of Empathy Vol. III: Human Nature vs. Nature of the Human)

Among Friends

From LORD TOPH's Expressions of Empathy, Volume III - "Human Nature vs. The Nature of the Human"

The theme of this painting's title is expressed by the warm tonal quality throughout the composition of the piece.  It is embued with washes of sepia, sienna, and umber tones.  In the foreground, a nude man is depicted on arms and knees, soiled and saturated with slip and slop while feeding among pigs. 

He appears to be comfortable here, and relatively shares a behavior common among his friends.  The loose brush strokes applied, aid in indicating the uninhibited demeanor of the man, and its similarity to the instinct of the accompanying swine. 

The face of a female counterpart to the man, is subliminally suggested amidst the path by the use of scattered tree limbs.  The positioning, and expression of the face implies a "looking down upon" disposition to the man, his actions, and the company he keeps.  Despite any alternative point of view,  our subject revels in the thought of feeling free while feasting away among friends.

Posted by Phil Howard

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  1. arehiscied1987

    It is a shame to see a human like in this situation and position with these pigs because it best resume writers that a human can go in these situations that they had to eat with these pigs. But you are right we had to face it. There is every possibility that a human can go to these situation in this world.

    May 02, 2016